We don’t see staff as a brilliant group of mad scientists that are supposed to single-handedly serve and facilitate all of CCF’s needs. With many students, small groups, and service opportunities, we rely heavily on students to help lead and organize different aspects of the ministry. Beyond being simply a logistical concern, we also believe that if we are to live as one body with many healthy and active parts, student leaders will be needed to take roles of responsibility in the growth of that body. In other words, students as well as staff are vital contributors to the proper functioning of CCF. In addition to oversight and active leadership, staff sees its role as helping to find and raise up these student leaders, encouraging them to develop their own gifts, empowering them to work in their niche, and keeping them accountable to faithful service, all in the context of walking humbly before their God.

If you're interested in becoming a student leader, we encourage you to talk to a staff person. Applications for all of these positions will be posted here after midterm each semester. 

Student Leadership Roles

Apprentices: Shadow small group leaders to learn the workings of CCF small group leadership. One apprentice is paired with two small group leaders to observe and assist them throughout the semester, and in doing so better understand what being a small group leader involves. The apprenticeship program is ideal for second-semester freshmen who are looking to get their feet wet and/or who are interested in leading later on.

Servant Squad: Help get the tasks done. Servant Squadders help clean and maintain the CCF House, set up and tear down at services on campus, clean up after events, and more. This is a great place to start in the world of CCF leadership.

Ministry Heads: Oversee the various service ministries of CCF. They have the freedom to envision and plan their ministry’s goals and activities, as well as the responsibility to follow through on those and recruit help in doing so. Ministries include Men's, Women's, Worship, Food, Community Service, and many more. 

Small Group Leaders: Host a group of students either in their own home, on campus, or at the CCF House for weekly Bible study. They are responsible for planning and deciding topics for small group meetings. Not only do they facilitate discussion and initiate activities, they also care for their small group members in more intangible ways. Staff see small group leaders as shepherding their own little “flock” of CCF students, and this requires creativity, concern, time and effort. 

Student Interns: Take on the highest level of commitment in leadership, both leading small groups and and overseeing ministries. They help plan and facilitate some of CCF’s biggest events and, beyond that, are more intimately involved in working with the staff to shape, watch out and pray for CCF in general.

International Focus Group Interns: Are specifically devoted to welcoming and building relationships with international students on campus. They collaborate together to develop events and hangouts that are both accessible and appealing to international students. They are also committed to serving in practical ways by giving rides to Walmart, being conversation partners, moving furniture, etc. Their hope is to see these students come to know God through the relationships that are formed in international ministry.