Services in violette hall 1000

Wednesdays – 7:00pm

Sundays – 10:30am

morning prayer at the ccf house

Monday-Friday – 9:00-9:30am

Sermon Discussion at the ccf house

Thursdays – 9:30-10:30am


We have main worship services twice a week. These are times when we come together as a unified body to worship and hear the scriptures preached in order to learn and be transformed by them. Every semester, Wednesday and Sunday services each has a unique sermon series that covers a theme or book of the Bible.

Wednesday night services include music and teaching. They serve as a place to connect with God and friends during the busyness of the academic week. We also have to Sunday morning services. These include music and teaching, as well as offering and communion weekly. All of our services are held on campus in Violette Hall 1000, making for a non-threatening and easily-accessible opportunity for you to worship God and fellowship with us.

Because we want to be a people marked by prayer and shaped by the scriptures, we devote time each day to being in them together. Each morning of the school week we have a half hour of prayer together, where we practice prayer not only as an activity but as a disposition. And because we want to live and engage with the scriptures as faithfully as we can, we gather on Thursday mornings at the CCF House to discuss the previous two sermons together. We hope you can join us!