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Have you ever been in a shopping mall during the holidays or at an amusement park on a Saturday in June? The constant noise, the crowds flowing like a river current sweeping you along you can quickly find yourself lost in these expansive, busy, strange places. What do you do? You find the oversized sign with a big star lit up like a lighthouse, signalling You Are Here. From there, you look around, recognize some familiar landmarks, and begin to make your way.

When you show up at college for the first time, it can feel like the swell of those malls and parks. Out on your own for the first time, it's common to begin to wonder where you are -- not only geographically (where's the nearest pharmacy?), but also philosophically (who am I and what am I doing here?), theologically (what/who/where/how/why is God?), and perhaps in many other ways, as well. Unfortunately, there's no map or GPS system giving you exact coordinates on these things. 

You Are Here is a week-long series of events, going on throughout the first full week of classes at Truman, that serves as an invitation and welcome to anyone to come get introduced to this body of Christians (from all walks of the faith) whose main aim is to help Truman students learn about and walk in the love of God and neighbor. While CCF doesn't claim to have exhaustive answers on all the questions you will have, we do strive to be a Christian community in which you can honestly explore them and consider answers that Jesus might give. We aim to be a community anchored in him because we believe the truest heading is to be directed toward the self-giving love of God, which we believe Jesus embodies in our very midst.

We hope to meet you sometime during this week, whether you are someone who has never missed a Sunday service before or who has never stepped foot inside a church and doesn't care to. And we hope to welcome you no matter who you are, and to help you in any way we can (rides to Walmart, late night conversations on faith, tips on the best local coffee spots) as you start now to find your way and get your bearings in the potentially disorienting days to come.

For more information about CCF, have a look around our site. Here are a few suggestions: to learn more about what we believe, go here. To see a calendar of things going on, go here. And be sure to check us out on Facebook.

  Worship on the Lawn, a favorite YAH tradition at CCF.

Worship on the Lawn, a favorite YAH tradition at CCF.

Join us for our Fall worship services. All are welcome.

Sundays at 9:00am and 10:30am, Wednesdays at 7:00pm in Violette Hall 1000

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We hear the scriptures taught twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays. Listen to the archive of sermons on our website or subscribe to our podcast. 

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Located at Truman State University, we have a house just off campus with offices and public gathering spaces while we have our worship services on campus.

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People are our workmanship, so we rely on donations from those who want to see CCF work in the present and continue on into the future.

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