Click Here to Join a Small Group

For some students, large worship gatherings of around 200 students are their sweet spot, and we think that’s great. For others, there is a desire to get to know their Christian brothers and sisters on a deeper level than is possible in that setting. This helps foster deeper bonds of friendship, which is the perfect context for learning about God and following him together. To that end, we greatly encourage students to join a CCF small group.

Each semester, a handful of men’s, women’s, and coed groups are on offer, spanning most of the days of the week. These small groups meet weekly for either a semester or a full year, and usually consist of between five and twenty people. The reason small groups are the heart of our ministry is because we have indeed seen them work to create an intimate community of Christians who, together, learn to love God and each other. They do this through prayer, encouragement, fun, and mutual accountability.