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Men's And Women's Retreats


Come retreat with us. Retreat from the anxiety, competition, striving, noise, and toil that uninterrupted academic life tends to keep in front of you. Retreat to the fellowship of brothers and sisters, to rest and play, to being still and just being, and (hopefully) to the God Who Walks in the Cool of the Day.

Women: I-MO Camp with guest Jennifer Reynolds

Men: The Seed Mill with guest Marty Solomon

Come ready to listen and be heard as we hear from speakers and share in small groups, as well as enjoy the beautiful outdoors around fires, under the stars, in the fields and forests. Games, meals, activities, naps, hikes, open space and open time abound.

Upperclassmen $5. Freshmen go free.

“The avoiding [of God], in many times and places, has proved so difficult that a very large part of the human race failed to achieve it. But in our own time and place it is extremely easy. Avoid silence, avoid solitude, avoid any train of thought that leads off the beaten track. Concentrate on money, sex, status, health and (above all) on your own grievances. Keep the radio on. Live in a crowd. Use plenty of sedation. If you must read books, select them very carefully. But you’d be safer to stick to the papers. You’ll find the advertisements helpful.”

— C.S. Lewis, “The Seeing Eye”

“Why does man feel so bad in the very age when, more than in any other age, he has succeeded in satisfying his needs and making over the world for his own use? Why is it that a man riding a good commuter train from Larchmont to New York, whose needs and drives are satisfied, who has a good home, loving wife and family, good job, who enjoys unprecedented ‘cultural and recreational facilities,’ often feels bad without knowing it?”

— Walker Percy, The Message in the Bottle

Earlier Event: September 26
Wednesday Service
Later Event: October 3
Wednesday Service